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aka "The Bitcoin Song"

Here’s my newest track: Alpaca socks. Weird title, I know. I was inspired by a great idea currently floating around in the interweb.

The song is about Bitcoin, a digital currency that could show us the way to a new financial system – something we badly need.

If you like the song feel free to press the flattr button or send some bitcoins to this address: 19yKKPfj96UchvkJjFmhh48DLVwcCh7uSL

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  1. GoWest says:


  2. Guest says:

    where is the bitcoin donation address?

  3. Hutter Eliane says:


  4. The Lonely Guy says:

    seriously awesome track. Nicely done. I’ll be spinning it on my radio show this saturday,, 10-noon pst.

  5. Rob says:

    Awesome work Max, could easily be no.1 on the charts.

  6. geraint says:

    can I use this on my phone system

    I have a small company but I listened to this tune on Cointerra’s music on hold for so long that I would like to pop it on my phone system

    BTC donation ?


  7. Marco says:

    Very cool Song!

    My Bitcoin clip in Paris with your song is here:

    I tiped you! (to this adress 19yKKPfj96UchvkJjFmhh48DLVwcCh7uSL)


    New song ??? 😉

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